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Pedra da Gávea

Leaving: Every Tuesday

Within the city of Rio stands a giant, flat-topped, granite rock, which at an altitude of 842m provides the best view...



Pedra Bonita + Ramp

Leaving: Every Wednesday

Pedra Bonita offers one of the most accessible breath-taking views across Rio’s fabulous coastline. In a privileged...



Wild Beaches

Leaving: Every Thursday

Clear waters and golden beaches, virtually untouched. Hike across this paradise and swim in the tranquility of nature.




Leaving: Every Friday

Starting in the wild gardens of a beautiful mansion, where monkeys and tropical birds can be seen, we hike up...




April, 08 2013
Brazil by Bus


March, 11 2013
Supertrail underway for Rio



Hiking in Rio - Dois Irmãos & Vidigal

Dois Irmãos & Vidigal

promoçõesTowering over the glamorous beaches of Ipanema and Leblon stand the famous two peaks of Dois Irmãos...



Hiking in Rio - Pico da Tijuca

Pico da Tijuca

promoçõesEntering into the world’s largest urban forest, surrounded by awesome trees, waterfalls, and tropical wildlife...



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