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Wild Beaches


Wild Beaches

Wild Beaches


Every Thursday




R$ 180,00

Upon confirmation of payment, reservations are made for next Thursday. Send us an email (contato@hikinginrio) if you want a different date




Clear waters and golden beaches, virtually untouched. Hike across this paradise to find tranquility and escape the crowds of the city beaches.

The wild beaches are located in Barra de Guaratiba, within the boundaries of the Pedra Branca State Park. These beaches offer a great opportunity for those seeking remote, less frequented locations, away from the famous beaches of the Rio de Janeiro coast.

The trail of moderate difficulty, takes us approximately 2.5hrs from the start in Barra de Guaratiba across three stunning semi-deserted beaches, Praia de Búzios, Praia do Perigoso and to our final stop at Praia do Meio. During the hike we can climb onto Pedra da Tartaruga which overlooks these wild beaches and gives us magnificent views stretching across the coast to Barra da Tijuca and Recreio, whilst looking inland to the giant monolith of Pedra da Gávea and peaks of Morro de Guaratiba and Guaratiba Mirim.

After hiking across these wild beaches enjoy a refreshing swim in the crystal waters of this peaceful habitat surrounded by the tranquility of nature, golden sands and interesting rock formations, before we return on the same route to civilization.

A little history: The wild beaches of Guaratiba served as an initial landing point for the invasion of the city of Rio de Janeiro by the French privateer Jean-François Duclerc. The first attack on Rio had been defended by the Fortresses of Santa Cruz and São João located at the entrance to Guanabara Bay, causing Duclerc to retreat to Ilha Grande, in the south of the state, where he attacked the sugar mills. On his return in August of 1710, he landed with 1000 men on the beaches of the Guaratiba headland. Portugal's armed forces defended the city, and captured Duclerc, who was later murdered while in the custody of the Portuguese. Soon afterwards Duguai-Trouin, another French privateer, managed to pass the fortresses hidden by the morning mist and took the city with about 5000 men and 15 ships, forcing the population to hide in the forest. Duguai demanded 2 million cruzados from the Portuguese as "ransom" for Rio de Janeiro and in revenge for the death of Duclerc, causing great damage to the Portuguese Crown.


- Transport to and from the trail
- Guides specialized in the activity and equipped with communication radios
- The necessary safety equipment for the activity (1st aid kit, repellent, torch and walking pole)


Further information

Meeting point: 8:40am
Praça Cardeal Arco Verde, Copacabana - the exit of Cardeal Arco Verde Metro Station. (in front of Barata Ribeiro Street).

Upon confirmation of payment, reservations are made for next Thursday. Send us an email (contato@hikinginrio) if you want a different date.

Our guides are easy to detect – they wear white t-shirts with the Hiking in Rio logo large on the front.


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